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Do Super-Cool Digital DJ Tricks By Using Your Laptop's Touchpad Like a Real MIDI Controller

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Perform Killer Digital DJ Tricks And Effects With Virtual DJ, Traktor, Serato DJ or Almost Any Other DJ Software By Using Your Laptop's Built-In or External Touchpad!

TouchpadFX box with CD
  • Touch the touchpad of your laptop to instantly activate effects and loops
  • Control effect parameters, change loop size, move faders or turn knobs by moving your finger on the touchpad
  • Do this with almost any DJ software on the market, including Virtual DJ, Traktor, Serato DJ, Ableton Live, Mixmeister, Reason, and more...
  • Ready-to-use presets for quick start
  • Turn your touchpad into a MIDI controller
  • No extra hardware needed
  • Available for Windows and Mac OS X
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Welcome Digital DJ,

As a DJ, your keyword is: entertainment. Your audience doesn't come to your party to be bored, they want to forget everyday problems and feel good. It's your mission to entertain them.

But, it's no longer enough to play the hottest music and mix precisely, because everyone can do that with any DJ software. To stand out from other digital DJs, you must be creative and unique while mixing music. If you give your audience something new, you can be sure that they will come back to your next party.

We want to help you in achieving this. We want to give you a tool right into your hands. Actually, this is an opportunity which you cannot afford to miss. You want to be the absolute favorite DJ in your area, don't you?

If you agree with us, then read the following message carefully...

Today's DJ software are smart. We bet your shiny new DJ program has awesome effects and looping capability. But the question is, can you really take advantage of these? Do you have the right DJ gear to use them correctly?

We are not talking about pressing the effect on/off buttons and turning the filter knobs on your DJ controller. We are talking about making combined, professional effects and "tricks" in real-time. Are you really able to turn on and control several effects and loops at the same time?

It's very hard or even impossible to perform complex effects in real-time, no matter how expensive your DJ system is. Why? Because you have only two hands. After all, you're not an octopus, you are a human...

But, we'll show you a brand new technique with which you can make effects, loops and other tricks during your DJ mix in a super easy, mistake-free and spectacular way.

Now Listen... Here Comes The Secret

Have you noticed that nowadays all smartphones and tablets have big touch screens and have almost no buttons? Why do people like touch screens? Because they are easy to use. Just touch the screen at the right place to activate a command, or move your finger to modify or move something. Quick and simple.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could control your favorite DJ software in such an easy way?

Well, your laptop doesn't have touch screen, however it has a built-in touchpad! We will show you how you can take advantage of your laptop's touchpad during your DJ set.

We present you a software which allows you to control almost any DJ software on the market with the built-in touchpad of your laptop in various ways.



The BEST Software On The Planet Which Turns Your Laptop Into A Touch-Sensitive DJ Effect Controller!

Screenshot of TouchpadFX progam window

What does it do exactly?

It runs in the background and it's continuously watching when and where you are touching the touchpad. When you touch the pad, it sends a "message" to your DJ software to execute a command. For example, such a typical command is to activate an effect or activate looping, but you can also simulate pressing buttons, moving faders or turning knobs of your DJ software - simply just by touching the touchpad.

"But I can make effects and loops with my own DJ controller too!" - you might think. Yes, you're right, but TouchpadFX allows you to start and stop multiple effects and change their parameters at the same time using only one hand (actually, one finger), and this is the difference between a regular DJ controller and TouchpadFX. It gives you a secret weapon into your hands - and a lot of new possibilities.

For example, you can start a loop + filter + delay with only one touch...

Touchpad not touched Touchpad with approaching finger Touchpad touched with finger

All effects off All effects off Loop, filter, delay effects are on

...and you can modify the loop size, the filter frequency and the delay time at the same time simply by moving your finger on the touchpad.

Finger on touchpad at the top side Finger on touchpad in the middle Finger on touchpad at the bottom side

Filter knob at the maximum Filter knob almost centered Filter knob at the minimum

( Note: The above example is only one of the many possible variations. )

How would you do this with a regular DJ controller? You would need to press multiple buttons and turn multiple knobs. But with TouchpadFX, you need only one finger to do this. Not to mention you can do it mistake-free, because TouchpadFX takes care of starting and stopping effects when you touch or release the pad.

Think about it, while you are making these awesome tricks, you're still having one free hand! You can use your other hand to further improve your show: you can scratch, you can turn the EQ knobs on your mixer or you can put your other hand in the air!

Which DJ software can be used with TouchpadFX?

In short, almost any modern (professional) DJ software on the market. The only requirement is your DJ software must support MIDI mapping. One exception is Virtual DJ, because TouchpadFX communicates with Virtual DJ through our special plugin and not through MIDI. No matter which Virtual DJ version you are using (free or non-free), TouchpadFX will work with it.

Here's a partial list of DJ software which is compatible with TouchpadFX: Virtual DJ, Traktor, Serato DJ, Ableton Live, Mixmeister, Cubase, Reason, and the list continues, but we can't list every piece of DJ and music production software here. If you can't find your software on this list, please check first if it supports MIDI mapping or not.

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"Sounds Cool, But Why Do I Need This?"

Let's face it, it is now 2016, and we are in the middle of the digital age. DJs are continuously moving from analog to digital, and there are more and more digital DJs who are playing from laptop using DJ controllers. We're glad you also realized this and you are a digital DJ too. This is a good point.

However, in the past few years something changed. DJs are not only mixing together music "A" with music "B", but most of them use 4-channel digital systems and effect processors. They are remixing in real-time and adding extra sounds and effects to the mix. Why? Because they want to be unique and memorable.

Let's be honest, nowadays it's very easy to mix two songs. Almost anybody can do it by using a modern DJ software and pressing the SYNC button - or even the "auto-mix" button. But in 2016 this is not enough! If you want to stand out from the crowd, you're going to need to show something special, something new, something unique.

DJ is using a laptop with a MIDI controller

The best DJ programs already have the capability of looping, adding effects and playing samples. All you need is using them correctly. But we know that it's difficult to control several effects, change loop size, turn the EQ knobs and watch the dancefloor's reaction at the same time.

This is the point where TouchpadFX helps you. It gives you the possibility to do all these technical things very easily and mistake-free, using your laptop's touchpad.

"I'm Excited, Tell Me More!"

TouchpadFX allows you to control the knobs, faders and buttons of many DJ and music production software by touching the built-in touchpad of your laptop and moving your finger on it.

For example, you can change the master volume or move the crossfader by moving your finger on the touchpad. Or you can activate an effect by touching the touchpad, modify the effect parameters by moving your finger and when you release the touchpad, the effect turns off.

You can control not only one effect, but even multiple effects, loops, faders and knobs at the same time! You can customize when and what should happen when you touch or release the touchpad and move your finger on it.

Basically you can choose from two different modes. The first one is Virtual DJ mode for Virtual DJ users, and the other is MIDI mode for users of all other DJ software which support MIDI mapping. Such software is Traktor, Serato DJ, Ableton Live, Mixmeister, Reason and many more. You can do almost the same things in both modes, the difference is only in how TouchpadFX communicates with the DJ software.

Technical details below Down arrow

The MIDI mode

In MIDI mode, while you are moving your finger on the touchpad, TouchpadFX is sending so called "MIDI messages" to your DJ/music software through a virtual MIDI device (this will be installed on your computer when you install TouchpadFX).

You can setup your DJ/music software to interpret these MIDI messages and move certain knobs, turn faders or press buttons (however, we prepared a couple of mappings for you to start with). Most modern DJ/music software are capable of receiving MIDI messages and allow you to customize what should happen when a certain MIDI message arrives.

TouchpadFX in action Duration: 1:00

What is MIDI and what is a MIDI controller?

A MIDI controller is a physical device which, in general, have several buttons, faders, knobs, lights and is connected to the computer with a USB cable. These controllers are built for DJs and music producers to allow them to easily modify certain parameters (faders, knobs, buttons) of the music software running on the computer.

When you move a fader, turn a knob or press a button on your MIDI controller, it sends a "command" (a so called "MIDI message") to your DJ or music software, and it - for example - moves the crossfader or activates an effect. So basically, MIDI allows you to control your music software with special hardware. The cool thing is that many DJ software supports MIDI and they can be customized. In general, you can tell the software what to do when you move a certain fader or press a certain button on your MIDI controller. This process is called MIDI mapping.

The trick is that TouchpadFX turns the built-in touchpad of your laptop into a MIDI controller. The DJ or music software you are using will "believe" that a real (physical) MIDI controller is attached to your computer, however, it is only a simulated (virtual) controller. Your DJ software will accept the "commands" from the touchpad. You can simulate the moving of a fader, the turning of a knob or the pressing of a button simply just by touching the touchpad and moving your finger on it.

The Virtual DJ mode

In Virtual DJ mode, TouchpadFX does the same thing as in MIDI mode (it controls the knobs, faders and buttons), but in the background it works differently. Instead of sending MIDI messages, TouchpadFX communicates with Virtual DJ directly through a plugin. To use TouchpadFX with Virtual DJ, you only have to install a small plugin into your Virtual DJ software. Installing the plugin is just a simple click.

After the plugin is installed, you can choose from a lot of commands such as activating an effect, activating a loop, moving faders and sliders, turning knobs, pressing buttons. It is very easy to use and it gives you a lot of possibilities to make amazing sound effects and tricks in real time.

The Virtual DJ mode Duration: 2:31

"But why do I need a separate mode for Virtual DJ?" - you may ask. The reason is that Virtual DJ can be extended with plugins and we decided to create a plugin for TouchpadFX. With the help of this plugin it is even more easier to control Virtual DJ with your touchpad. You don't have to do any MIDI mapping in your DJ software (unlike in MIDI mode), you just have to select the desired effect and touch the touchpad. It is that simple.

Are you convinced yet?

Yes, you already convinced me! I'd like to download TouchpadFX now ($27, for Windows or Mac OS X)

If you are not, then please continue reading...

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"OK, Show Me The Features!"

Here's the complete list of features of TouchpadFX.

  • Activate effects and loops with a touch, deactivate them by lifting your finger

    You can set which command has to be executed when you touch the touchpad. Typical settings are: activate an effect, start looping, press a button (play / stop / filter on-off). You can also set which command has to be executed when you lift your finger from the touchpad. Typically, this will be the opposite of the command you set for the touch event, for example stop an effect, stop looping or turn off the filter.

    To do this, you have to touch the touchpad with one finger.
  • X-Y pad to control two faders or knobs at the same time

    Your touchpad has a rectangular shape. You can assign a knob or fader to the horizontal side of the touchpad and another one to the vertical side. When you move your finger on the touchpad, the X and Y coordinates calculated from the position of your finger are sent to the computer, so you can turn two knobs or move two faders with your finger at the same time.

    In case of horizontal movement, if your finger is at the left side of the touchpad, the assigned knob or fader will be set to minimum, but while you're moving your finger towards the right side of the touchpad, the value will be increasing up to the maximum. In case of vertical movement everything is very similar. The bottom side means the minimum value and the top side means the maximum.

    TouchpadFX works in absolute positioning mode which means that as soon as you touch the pad, it checks the X and Y coordinates of your finger and immediately recalculates the values of the assigned knobs or faders, based on the distance of your finger from the sides of the touchpad.

    For example, if you assign the filter knob to the Y (vertical) axis and it's currently turned up to the maximum, and then you touch the touchpad at the center, then the filter knob will be turned to 50% immediately. Of course, if you continue moving your finger up and down, the filter knob will be turning seamlessly.
  • Use up to 9 different configurations

    You can set up 9 different configurations (or in other words, programs) and you can give them names too. For example, you name the 1st configuration as "Flanger" and you set up this configuration to turn on and control the flanger effect. Plus, you name the 2nd configuration as "Loop" and you set it up to activate looping. TouchpadFX already contains factory presets for Virtual DJ, Traktor, Serato DJ and Mixmester Cross, so you can use them immediately without setting up anything, but you can change them if you want or create your own settings.

    You can switch between these configurations at any time by pressing the 1-9 keys on your keyboard.

    Mac OS X: There is an alternative (and easier) way to select a configuration. If you touch the touchpad with two fingers then the touchpad is divided into a 3x3 grid and that grid is shown on the screen. For example, the upper left area of the grid corresponds to the first configuration (see picture below for the complete mapping). Wherever you move your finger, TouchpadFX will select the configuration corresponding to the area where your finger currently is.

    Mac OS X trackpad

    Windows: Multitouch is not supported in the Windows version of TouchpadFX. You can select the configurations with the keyboard only.
  • Hold mode

    You can "hold" the currently selected configuration which means that it holds the last position of your finger and you can phisically lift your finger from the pad. The effect won't be turned off, it will remain activated. While the selected configuration is on hold, you can switch to another configuration and activate it too. Using this feature, you can activate two, three, four, or as many configurations as you want one after the other. For example, you can start looping on configuration #1, then hold it and switch to configuration #2 where you can turn on the filter. The result is a filtered loop!

    Mac OS X: To activate Hold mode, just press the touchpad itself with one finger (on a Mac the whole touchpad can be pressed, like one big button).

    Windows: To activate Hold mode, just press the left touchpad button (on your laptop, below the built-in touchpad).

    The Hold mode Duration: 1:20
  • "Unhold all" button

    If you press the "Unhold all" button, TouchpadFX turns off Hold mode on all configurations at the same time. You can consider this a quick "stop-all-effects" button.

    Mac OS X: To turn off Hold mode on all configurations, press the touchpad itself with two fingers (on a Mac the whole touchpad can be pressed, like one big button).

    Windows: To turn off Hold mode on all configurations, press the right touchpad button (on your laptop, below the built-in touchpad).

  • Multi configurations

    This is THE feature which allows you to make combined, real-time effects and tricks!

    Any configuration can be set to work in multi mode, which means that you can activate multiple configurations at the same time with only one touch. For example, you set up a filter effect on configuration #1 and a delay effect on configuration #2. If you want to activate and control them at the same time, you just have to pick one of the free configurations (for example #3) and set it to multi mode, then select those configurations that you want to control (#1 and #2 in our example).

    Now, if you select configuration #3 and touch the touchpad, it will activate both #1 and #2, so both the filter effect and the delay effect will be turned on at the same time. If you move your finger on the pad, that movement will be applied to configuration #1 and #2 as well, so you can change the filter and the delay parameters at the same time. When you lift your finger from the pad, both the filter and delay effects will be turned off.

    Multi-Configurations Duration: 0:54
  • Change the minimum and maximum values of the assigned knobs / faders

    When you assign a knob or fader to the touchpad, the 0%-100% value range is just the default, and you can modify it if you want. You can set the minimum and maximum values of the assigned knob or fader. The minimum and maximum correspond to the left and right sides of the touchpad (in case of the X axis), or the bottom and top sides (in case of the Y axis).
  • Swap the directions

    If you want, you can swap the directions of the X or Y axis, or both. You can configure TouchpadFX to decrease the value of the assigned knob or fader while you are moving your finger from left to right (or from bottom to top) instead of increasing it (which is the default setting).
  • Save, load your settings

    You can save your configuration settings into a file and you can load it back later.
  • Pre-made settings for Virtual DJ, Traktor, Serato DJ and Mixmeister Cross

    We have created and saved settings for Virtual DJ, Traktor, Serato DJ and Mixmeister Cross. Just load them and start using TouchpadFX. You don't need to do the mapping in these DJ programs, which saves you a lot of time. Of course, you can modify the pre-made settings, if you want, or you can create your own settings from scratch.
  • Floating window

    While you're mixing, you're seeing the full-screen window of your DJ software, which covers the window of TouchpadFX. But, despite this, you can switch to any configuration easily at any time (by pressing the 1-9 keys on your keyboard, or on Mac OS X touching the touchpad with two fingers). When you switch to another configuration, a floating window appears for a few seconds. It shows you the title of the currently selected configuration. You can drag and move this window to anywhere with your mouse. If you want, you can set it to be always visible.


Click on the images below to view the screenshot gallery.

Screenshot - MIDI mode default settings
The initial screen of TouchpadFX (in MIDI mode).
Screenshot - Pad touch MIDI CC events
You can choose which Control-Change (CC) MIDI message should be sent when you touch or release the pad.
Screenshot - MIDI mode in use
In this example, the 3rd configuration is selected and is in use. The DJ is moving his finger and you can see the path of the finger movement.
Screenshot - Multi-mode configuration
Multi-mode configurations allow you to activate and control multiple configurations with only one touch. In this example the LP/HP filter and the looping are controlled at the same time.
Screenshot - Virtual DJ mode, pad release actions
In Virtual DJ mode, TouchpadFX connects to Virtual DJ (see the status message above) and it allows you to choose from several actions on pad touch and pad release.
Screenshot - Virtual DJ mode, effect on/off selection
TouchpadFX also detects all effects installed into Virtual DJ and you can choose any of them.
Screenshot - Virtual DJ mode, effect control selection
In Virtual DJ mode, you have a vast selection of sliders, faders and knobs to control by the horizontal (X) or vertical (Y) movement of your finger.
Screenshot - Changing of fader/knob maximum value
You can set the range of the controlled fader or knob. In this example, the range is set between 0% and 70%, where 0% means the left side of the touchpad and 70% means the right side.
Screenshot - Virtual DJ mode, flanger effect in use
Flanger effect example in Virtual DJ mode. When you touch the pad, the flanger effect turns on. Moving your finger changes the Delay and Volume parameters of the flanger effect. When you lift your finger, the flanger effect turns off.

Let's summarize the main benefits of using TouchpadFX

You can activate and control effects and loops of your favorite DJ software simply by touching your laptop's touchpad and moving your finger on it. Not only this is easy, but it also looks cool.

You can control more than one configurations at the same time with only one touch by taking advantage of the multi configurations. This allows you to create professional, combined effects and tricks in real-time.

You can do this with only one hand (actually, with only one finger), while you can use your other hand to move faders or turn knobs on your mixer, do scratching, or lift your other hand in the air.

3 important things to know about this software

  1. This software is for digital DJs only. Digital DJ means that you use a laptop for playing music. So you will need a PC laptop or an Apple MacBook which has a built-in touchpad (of course, all laptops have a touchpad). It doesn't matter if you are playing solely from your laptop, or you are using an external controller or a timecode system, TouchpadFX works together with all these setups.

    Mac OS X: You can use TouchpadFX with an iMac or with a Mac Mini too if you buy a wireless Apple Magic Trackpad from an Apple store and connect it to your iMac or Mac Mini.
  2. This is a tiny little software. TouchpadFX won't eat up your computer's processor, and it won't slow down your DJ software. You don't need an expensive, high-end computer to use it. If you can run your favorite DJ software on your laptop without any problems, then you can safely install and use TouchpadFX on it.
  3. When you use TouchpadFX, you can't move the mouse cursor (the arrow on your desktop) with the touchpad because the touchpad is used by TouchpadFX exclusively. To be able to move the mouse cursor on the screen, you can do two things: 1) Hold down the Windows key (on Windows) or the Fn key (on Mac OS X) on your keyboard or 2) Attach an USB mouse to your laptop and move the mouse cursor with that.
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"How Much Is This?"

How would you feel if you could do such tricks that other DJs can't? How much does this feeling worth you?

You should know, we are offering this software to help digital DJs in getting better. We want this software to be affordable by many of them, including YOU. That's why we're offering TouchpadFX for a low price, it is only $27!

Your Dinky One-Time Investment Is
Only $27!

That's right. Your investment for the full software is only $27. But please let us warn you right now, we reserve the right to raise this price at any time without warning.

Free Updates For Life!

Order TouchpadFX now and you will get 100% FREE Updates for LIFE! That means you can use TouchpadFX with the latest updates even in 10 years time.

We keep in touch with all our members and when new updates are available we let you know via email. However, the software itself checks for updates every time you run it. All you have to do is to launch TouchpadFX and it will offer you the new download.

But to make it an absolute "no-brainer" decision we're about to offer you a...

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100% "No Risk To You" Guarantee

We know that you'll have a lot of FUN with TouchpadFX. It's so easy-to-use and so good that we're sure you will enjoy doing effects with it. That's why we offer you a 60-day, no hassles, no questions asked, full money back guarantee.

100% money-back guarantee certificate

You see, we don't have to worry that you're at all unhappy because if you decide TouchpadFX isn't the right software for you, you can get a full refund at any time during the 60 days.

So you're free to download this software, and try it out. And if you don't like what you see or how it works, no problems at all! You'll get every last cent refunded to you. No questions asked. Just send us an email within 60 days of your purchase and we will promptly refund your money. It is that simple.

We just wanted to make it clear to you that this is a completely no-risk purchase, so...

...grab your copy now:

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Small TouchpadFX box with CD

YES! I'm Ready To Order TouchpadFX
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I'm ready and eager to start downloading TouchpadFX.
By taking action today, I understand that:

  • You will grant me Instant Access. Once my payment is successfully processed, you will give me immediate access to the FULL TouchpadFX software, including all the documentation, tutorials and resources. TouchpadFX is available for me to download as soon as I complete my order. No shipping, no additional costs and no waiting. I will receive an email containing the download link in a few minutes.
  • I only pay a low investment of just $27. There are no renewals, no recurring fees, no other charges. So I don't have to worry about my membership ever running out. Plus I'll get FREE updates for life.
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(You can choose to download for Mac OS X or Windows.)

Remember, we're open 24/7, you'll receive your order instantly even if it's 3 A.M.! Your order is 100% secure, we use full encryption.

Let's meet behind the decks!


The TouchpadFX Team

P.S. This is your chance to make a difference and improve your DJ performance. In the age of touch devices, when everybody uses smartphones and tablets, your audience will like the way you use your laptop's touchpad for making cool effects and tricks. Download TouchpadFX now!

P.P.S. You have NO RISK, you have our 100% Risk Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. Order today and give our software a try. If you don't love it for any reason at all, we'll refund your money immediately. That's more than a guarantee. It's our promise. Click Here To Download TouchpadFX Now!

Find your questions Down arrow

Any Questions?

Perhaps The Answers Below Might Be What You're Looking For

Q: Is TouchpadFX really for ME?
A: Let's see the facts. You're here on this website because you were probably surfing the Internet for some information related to digital DJing. This means that you are a digital DJ - either a beginner or a professional. "Digital" means that you use a laptop and some kind of DJ software for mixing music. So, technically you have everything to use TouchpadFX.

Listen, if you want people to come to YOUR party (and not to others'), then you have to perform super cool and unique mixes. It's not enough to simply mix two songs, but you have to add effects and loops to the mix. We have a tool which helps you achieve this, but it's your decision if you want to take advantage of it or not. Please decide: do you want REAL FANS who like your parties or not? If the answer is yes, then TouchpadFX is a tool which you can't afford to miss.

Q: Is TouchpadFX an effect software?
A: No, TouchpadFX is not doing any effects (it does not change the sounding of the music, it is not a so-called "VST effect"). This software is a virtual MIDI device which lets you control your favorite DJ software with your laptop's touchpad. It is necessary that your DJ software has its own effects so you can turn on/off and control these effects.

Q: What kind of touchpads can I use for TouchpadFX?
A: Only touchpads built into your laptop are supported. One exception is the Apple Magic Trackpad which is a wireless touchpad for Mac. So, if you have a Mac with a Magic Trackpad, then TouchpadFX will work it. You cannot use any other external touchpads, because those are not supported by this software. You cannot even use so called digital drawing tables.

Q: Does TouchpadFX work with "Name-Of-Your-DJ-Software"?
A: TouchpadFX works with almost any modern DJ and music production software. If your DJ software supports MIDI mapping, then you can use them together. We cannot list here all possible software on the market, however we collected the most popular DJ and music software and tested TouchpadFX with them. Here's a partial list: Virtual DJ, Traktor, Serato DJ, Ableton Live, Mixmeister, Reason.

Q: What about the free (LE) and bundled versions of Virtual DJ? Those doesn't have MIDI support!
A: No problem. TouchpadFX has a special "Virtual DJ mode" for Virtual DJ users. No matter if you use the free, or a bundled, or the most expensive version of Virtual DJ, you can use TouchpadFX with it. The communication between TouchpadFX and Virtual DJ happens through a plugin which must be installed for Virtual DJ. Installing this plugin is only one click. The plugin won't slow down Virtual DJ and it is completely hidden from you. Everything happens in the background.

Q: Can I use both TouchpadFX and my DJ controller in parallel?
A: Yes, of course. However, if you use TouchpadFX in MIDI mode, you need to take care of the correct MIDI mapping of both TouchpadFX and your DJ controller. For example, you should avoid mapping the same MIDI channel and the same MIDI control-change event (CC) to both TouchpadFX and your DJ controller. The best way to separate them is to use different MIDI channels.

Q: While I'm touching the touchpad, won't it move the mouse cursor?
A: No. There's a button on the program window of TouchpadFX called "Touchpad". When you click on this button, it turns on touchpad mode. In touchpad mode, the mouse cursor can't be moved with your touchpad, only with an external mouse or by holding down the Windows key (on Windows) or the Fn key (on Mac OS X).

Q: I have a gig tonight and I'm not sure if I can learn using TouchpadFX till then...
A: TouchpadFX is very easy to use. Once it is set up with your DJ software, you literally need only minutes to get used to it. You just need to choose a configuration, touch the touchpad and move your finger on it - that's all. If you already know the effects of your DJ software, then you will master TouchpadFX very quickly.

Q: Is my computer powerful enough to run TouchpadFX without any problems?
A: TouchpadFX is a tiny little software. It doesn't have high-end graphics and it doesn't do any complex calculations which would need CPU power. It runs in the background, watches your finger movements on the touchpad and sends simple commands to your DJ software, that's all. It won't eat up your computer's processor, and it won't slow down your DJ software. You don't need an expensive, high-end computer to use it. If you can run your favorite DJ software on your laptop without any problems, then you can safely install and use TouchpadFX on it.

Q: Can TouchpadFX crash my DJ software or my operating system?
A: This is impossible. In the unlikely event that TouchpadFX crashes, it won't crash neither your DJ software nor your operating system. You don't have to be afraid that your laptop crashes in the middle of a hot party and the music playback shuts down because of TouchpadFX. It is a separate software which communicates with your DJ software and sends commands to it when you move your finger on the touchpad. If TouchpadFX fails, this communication stops. But you can still use your DJ software normally.

Q: Can I install it on a PC (with Windows operating system)?
A: Yes. You can install TouchpadFX on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Q: Can I install it on a Mac?
A: Yes. You can install TouchpadFX on a MacBook, iMac or Mac Mini. The minimum required OS X version is 10.6.0 (Snow Leopard). You will need either a MacBook with a built-in multi-touch trackpad (which has a big pushable button and does not have any other buttons) or an iMac or Mac Mini with a wireless Magic Trackpad.

Q: If I purchase TouchpadFX will I get both the Windows and Mac OS X versions?
A: No. On the purchase screen you will have to choose your operating system. If you need both versions, you have to purchase the Windows and Mac OS X versions separately (the prices are the same).

Q: Am I allowed to install it on multiple computers or multiple times?
A: Yes, your license allows you to install TouchpadFX maximum 10 times. This could mean different computers or multiple installations on the same computer (in case you need to reinstall your operating system).

Q: How do I install it on my computer? Is it complicated?
A: It is simple to install, it only takes a few minutes and requires no computer knowledge. We provide setup instructions to help you every step of the way.

Q: How do I set up my DJ software to work with TouchpadFX?
If you use Virtual DJ, Traktor, Serato DJ or Mixmeister, then setting up TouchpadFX with your DJ software takes only a minute or two. In Virtual DJ mode, you only have to select the desired commands and effects from a drop-down list, or you can load our pre-made configuration file and you're ready to go. In case of Traktor, Serato DJ or Mixmeister you can load our pre-made, ready-to-use presets. But, if you use some other MIDI compatible DJ software (for example Ableton Live, Reason, etc) then MIDI mapping can be done in about 1 hour. You will get a full documentation which explains everything in detail.

Q: Do I need a permanent Internet connection to use the software?
A: Basically no. But, when you start TouchpadFX for the first time, you will need to activate it through the Internet. This is a very simle and quick process. The program will ask you for the serial number which is needed to activate the software (we will send you your serial number by email when you purchase the software). After successful activation, you can disconnect your computer from the Internet. Activation must be done only once. After that, the program works without Internet connection. However, if you want to check for software updates, you need an Internet connection.

Q: What happens if I get stuck or I don't understand anything? Can I ask you for support?
A: Of course. You can always reach us by email at contact@touchpadfx.com. Just send us your questions and we will answer you as soon as possible. Or - if you prefer - you can chat with us online on this website.

Q: Is this some trial software or do I have to pay extra to activate other features?
A: Absolutely not! This is a FULLY working program. You do NOT have to pay any extra to use it. You simply pay a one-off fee for complete access and FREE lifetime updates!

Q: Will I really get free updates forever? Even 3 years later?
A: Yes. By purchasing this software, you will get lifetime updates for free.

Q: How long does it take to get access to TouchpadFX?
A: You can get started right away! After succesful payment, you will get the download link and serial number via email in a few minutes. Simply scroll down to the ADD TO CART button or CLICK HERE and get TouchpadFX now!

Q: Do you accept international orders?
A: Yes. TouchpadFX is available worldwide. No matter which continent you live on, you can purchase this software from almost any country.

Q: What happens if I can't use TouchpadFX or I don't like it? Will I lose my money?
A: You are protected by our 60-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If for some reason, ANY reason you aren't 100% happy with TouchpadFX, just send us an email within 60 days and we will refund every last cent of your money. No hassle and no questions asked. Only we can lose, not you.

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  • The Full TouchpadFX software - Control your DJ software with just a simple touch
  • Ready-to-use Presets - Start immediately with presets for Virtual DJ, Traktor, Serato DJ and Mixmeister
  • Full Documentation - To take advantage of all features of the software
  • Money Back Guarantee - Try it "Risk-Free" for 60 days, fully refundable purchase
  • Free Updates for Life - Download future software updates for FREE
  • Ongoing Support - Ask our dedicated Support Staff, they'll be happy to answer
  • Multi-Computer License - Use TouchpadFX on up to 10 computers

By now, you have a good idea what TouchpadFX is all about. This tiny little software opens new possibilities for you. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional Digital DJ, you'll LOVE the easy way to make effects, loops, delays and filtered sounds with your finger... otherwise we'll give your money back. Only we can lose, not you. So take action & order now:

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